The future of Organic skin care is now!
Revolutionary 5-Step Beauty System From Japan Now Available in the U.S.!

5 Step System

Thank you for visiting Black Paint USA. We are proud to start offering this new and innovative skin care system that uses the latest scientific advances and relies on restoring youthful balance to the skin the way nature intended it. Our unique 5 step system works by restoring the natural microenvironment of the skin. It works by cleansing the skin and preserving the natural oil barrier of the skin and all of its components. Most skin care ingredients today that contain emulsifiers, parabens and artificial fragrances don’t act to restore your skin’s natural oil barrier, they damage it so you need to use more of their products in a failed attempt to correct the problem! Each of our 5 steps is formulated to correct all the various insults that skin encounters during a day and feeding the skin so that it can restore its own natural balance! Try our products out as individual products or as our 5 part skin care system. This revolutionary skin care product from Japan is now available in the USA.

Price:  $139.95