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Testimonials From Black Paint Customers

For several years, I have tried almost every skin care product line, and nearly every one worked initially, but shortly after, made my skin break out even worse. This happened even with supposed all-natural brands. Black Paint is the only brand that has both improved my complexion and not caused any breakouts. I'm so thankful I have finally found a skin care product that's good for my skin.
I recently got married and Black Paint really helped my skin look great!(see pic)

Erika Williams San Diego, CA

My pores problem is gone!”Miss Natsuhara is always busy with event management, and needs to present a good appearance. She had tried expensive beauty products such as Este to tackle her acne and dry skin problems, but it wasn't until she encountered BLACK PAINT during her work that she found success. She was convinced by the raw materials and formula of BLACK PAINT. She found that as her makeup and dirt were thoroughly removed and pores cleansed, her skin became lustrous and clear. Now, she loves to try skincare and makeup products. "I have become a BLACK PAINT maniac," she remarks with a smile. BLACK PAINT is now her partner in keeping her skin clear throughout her busy life.

Miss Natsuhara Yu Miss Natsuhara Yu Akane (30) Announcer
Usage period: 3.5years

Satisfied and absolutely no regrets!" Miss Kitagawa used to wonder if she was over-cleansing her face. "I always felt my skin becoming very tight and powdery after cleansing. But since I started using BLACK PAINT, that dry feeling and the pimples around my mouth area which troubled me for quite a while are gone!" This is now her favorite product to keep her skin moist and refreshed. She knows how to consider skincare products properly, and her best choice is a soap which is applied directly to her skin.

Miss Kitagawa Noriko (40) Office employee
Usage period: 3.5years